Ichionjobutsu is a specialist seller showcasing carefully selected shakuhachi with common qualities: the shakuhachi shown here for sale are all originally sourced from Japanese makers and they have been examined, auditioned and chosen for their fine qualities and condition.

Pre-owned shakuhachi for sale on this page are carefully selected to be of very good to exceptional quality. Some may show repairs but they will still be in excellent condition. All are in stock here in Colorado, USA and ready to send out for audition to prospective new owners. Clicking on any photo below will open a new window with information about each flute for sale.

Owners are invited to get in touch with Ichionjobutstu if they have suitable shakuhachi to offer for sale. For new Japanese-made shakuhachi, please visit Japanshakuhachi.com

For auditioning and terms of sale, please see: Auditioning

For submission guidelines for pre-owned shakuhachi, please see: Submissions

If you have questions about any of the flutes for sale on this page, please call David Yūdō Sawyer at this number or enquire by email


Shindo 1.8 $1200 SOLDShindo1Ichijo 1.8  $1950 SOLDichijo181950top1Mizuno Rodo 1.8 $8500 Mizunorodotop1Okubo Kodo 1.8 $4500 SOLDokubokodotop1Ichijo 1.6 $1400 Ichijo161400top1

Suikyo 2.4 $2500 SOLDSuikyo3Suikyo 2.4 $2000 SOLDSuikyo1Hozan 2.4 $3800 SOLDHozan243800tp2Suikyo 1.8 $2500 SOLDSuikyo18nobe2

Suikyo 1.8 $3000 SOLDSuikyo4Edo 1.8 $1800 SOLD Edo2Bonchiku 2.0 $1500 SOLDBonchiku201500top2Ichijo 2.1 $2650 SOLDIchijo2Hozan 2.0 $3200 SOLDHozan203200b1

Selected Fine Japanese
Ichi'on Jōbutsu


Bonchiku 1.9 $2800Bonchiku2Seien-ryu 1.8 jinashi $900 SOLDSeien18top1Ichijo 2.1 $2200 SOLDIchijo21top2Hozan 2.1 $2900 SOLD Hozan212900top1Suikyo 1.8  $6000 SOLDSuikyo186000top2